Of Jelly Beans and KitKats

With really only 2 weeks officially in on this wild ride that Omni has become, Google finally released KitKat. The jury is still out on how great an upgrade this is, but I think we can all agree it is a big one. We've been working hard to get to that important milestone of "nightly" status for Omnirom, and progress had definitely been made. However, with the release of 4.4 we need to mark a way forward and it is this: 4.4 will become the branch we base all work on.

That doesn't mean 4.3 won't receive any updates, it just won't be the place we develop new features. Our efforts will primarily be focused on 4.4, with 4.3 being a sort of  "bring-up helper" where people can bring up their devices that aren't officially supported at this time. Then they will be able to submit them for inclusion in 4.4 once they're working.

We could focus all of our time on getting nightlies ready for 4.3, but that would take away from work being done to bring 4.4 to our Supported Devices. With future AOSP releases it will be different, as we won't be dealing with such a short time frame (for us) between releases.

So for now - be on the lookout for 4.4 builds of Omni!

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