Completing the Galaxy Nexus Family: Sprint Variant (toroplus) Now Added To Nightlies

The Galaxy Nexus was, and some might argue still is, a venerable device. Launched by Google as the first phone to showcase Android 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich, it boasted a variety of new features that one would consider commonplace today, but was not previously available. This included a 720p HD display and a zero shutter lag camera. Unfortunately, Google decided that it was not worthy of the 4.4 KitKat treatment, and so official AOSP support for it was dropped with 4.3 Jellybean. However, the custom ROM community was not just going to take this lying down. Through some hard work by dedicated devs and community members, the Galaxy Nexus remains alive today.

For months now here at Omni, we have supported the GSM variant (maguro) and the Verizon LTE variant (toro), but not the Sprint LTE variant (toroplus). This was because we lacked a proper Galaxy Nexus maintainer, and even though we supported the former two, we considered them on "life support" because of this. This all changed recently when community member MWisBest stepped up to be our new maintainer. Thanks to his work, Galaxy Nexus devices have received several optimizations and fixes, and the Sprint LTE variant is now fully supported by Omni and added to nightlies.

Head over to the download page if you own a Sprint Galaxy Nexus to start enjoying some Omni goodness! As always, bug reports are welcomed on our JIRA instance.