New Devices Added to Nightly Builds

Since we last told you about nightlies kicking off (shouldn't "nightlies" already be a word in the dictionary?), our device contributors have been hard at work, and we're pleased to announce a few more devices to add to the mix:

1. Oppo N1

Entropy512, maxwen, xplodwild and RaYmAn have been hard at work bringing up the first source-built, Android 4.4 ROM for the Oppo N1 and last weekend you were able to see the fruits of their labor. This huge, true phablet-of-a-phone (did we mention HUGE?) is the latest from the current darling of the Android OS development scene, Oppo. If you're lucky enough to have one of these now, go ahead and give Omni a spin.

2. Sony Xperia T, Z, and ZL

Sony's Xperia lineup has long had support from various teams like FXP and CM and we're glad to be able to bring a few of them (so far) into Omni's fold. Tilal6991, Entropy512, and a few others have both been spending time on these (and other Sony) devices over the last month or so, and are happy to get the Mint, Yuga and Odin up and going.

3. HTC One (AT&T and International)

HTC's top device of 2013 rounds out the list of new devices to recently receive nightly support. Maxwen, Yuma and a few others spent the time migrating the m7ul and m7att to Android 4.4, and it's been definitely appreciated.

Thanks again to all of the contributors who are helping to make Omni a truly community-driven project, and here's to a bright future ahead!