New Year, New Month, New Security Updates

New Updates and Devices

With 2017 now upon us, and the collective hangover from 2016 somewhat passed, it's time to focus on what's happening this month with OmniROM. As some of you may know, the January 2017 Android Security Bulletin has been released and with it a slew of updates to AOSP. We have merged those into the existing 7.1 codebases (r10) and will be looking to backport soon as well.

With a new year comes new supported devices - or at least for this year. Don't hold us to next January. But for now, we have officially brought up a few devices to be supported on Omni 7.1. They are:

New Development Updates

A flurry of activity over the end of last year and the first of this has brought a few notable things to update you on:

That's it for now - we'll continue to keep you updated on new developments and things happening, and Happy New Year!