Updates for May 2017

They say that "April showers bring May flowers," and while in nature that is often true - it certainly seems to fit for us at Omni. We have been busy with a number of administrative tasks, which includes updates to Gerrit (our code review portal) and a few other sundry items. In addition to those items, we've added a few new people to the contributors in golden-guy (helping out with Moto G4/G4+ bring-up) and vache.

To the list of supported devices we've added a few more:

Thanks to  humberos, erikcas, and oshmoun) we have revamped the device trees for the Sony Xperia X (suzu) and X Compact (kugo) to use CAF HALs and blobs. This action should improve the camera quality and make it more like that of the stock camera experience, while also adding ambient display. And on top of all that, we've rolled out Android 7.1.2!

We do thank you for your support and we'll continue to keep you updated!