Custom Hotwords From the Home Screen

Google Now has become a great tool for those who like to have information quickly at their fingertips. The ability to use your voice to search without having to type it out, much less think about it, is appealing to many. The list of commands you can either tell Google Now, or have automatically available via contextual analysis, continues to grow with each new release. That list of voice commands, however, is something already pre-determined by Google - and for some that just isn't good enough.

Omni Developer XpLoDWilD has been working on a new feature (appropriately named Custom Hotword) which gives you the control you probably desire. Via the AOSP Launcher3 (different from the Google Now Launcher) XpLoDWilD has provided a way for the user to create custom hotwords which can be used to setup a phrase to startup Chrome, dial your spouse, or bring up the camera - all from an unlocked screen. No need to first say "Ok Google" - instead just go into the Launcher Settings (long press open space on the home screen and choose Settings), scroll down to Hotwords, and Customize hotwords. You can setup as many hotwords and as many actions as you can imagine. And since this isn't a wakeup command like "Hey Snapdragon", the only battery consumption is when the screen is on the home screen - just like Google Now. When the screen is off, there's no consumption.

See the video below for a demonstration.

You should be able to make use of this feature as early as tomorrow's nightlies (May 28). And stay tuned for more to come as we break our long radio silence.