Translate All the Things! Omni Moves to Crowdin

Localization can make or break the user experience (UX): What good is the feature if the user cannot understand what it does? As such, we view translations as an important matter. Since the start of this project, we have been taking translations on our Gerrit instance, allowing anyone to upload translations for review.

However, this has been non-ideal for several reasons:

  1. Only the core team have merge rights across all repositories requiring translations, and this adds more work on top of their already very busy schedules;
  2. Many people might make for excellent translators, but learning how Gerrit works and uploading patches might be beyond their capabilities; and
  3. Translators are currently required to be extremely careful with XML tags and to keep track of what strings had been added/modified/removed since the last time they updated their language, adding a lot of hassle to the job.

Due to this, Omni starting looking for a separate system for handling translations. The requirements: One that is more streamlined, easy-to-manage, and puts less strain on our translators. With the suggestion of our community member Michael Bestas (mikeioannina) and his expertise on the matter, Omni has now successfully moved to using Crowdin to handle our translations.

Crowdin will allow Omni users to contribute translations far easier than before, and this will lead to higher quality translations than we previously had, improving the UX on various localizations. You will find our Crowdin project here, and if you wish to contribute translations, you may get started by selecting your language and clicking "Join" to become a member of your language's translation team.

Please note that from now on, we will NOT be accepting new translations on Gerrit. All translations must go through Crowdin.