OmniROM Nightly 4.4.3 Builds Incoming

It's that time of the release cycle again - Google has released Android 4.4.3 to AOSP. Thanks to the tireless work of our own Xplodwild, Omni has now merged the changes to Android 4.4.3, and these will be rolling out in nightly builds for the 5th June. As I write this, builds are scheduled to start in around 20 minutes or so, and will appear at our download pages once they are completed. They will also be available through Omni's inbuilt delta OTA updater, as always.

Our merged code is on our Github, as always - hopefully it may save other developers time in getting Android 4.4.3 merged into their trees. This rollout should go smoothly, but as always, with big upstream changes, there could be the odd hiccup here and there with some devices.

We hope you enjoy a first taste of Android 4.4.3 in a custom ROM. And thanks once again to Xplodwild for his stellar job in getting the merge completed in record-quick time!