At last, Galaxy Nexus GSM Receives KitKat Nightlies

Whenever we have released posts about moving to KitKat or nightlies or new devices, inevitably some of the first comments tend to be everything from "Y U NO LIKE MAGURO" to "OMNI HATES CATS" to "ETA on Maguro builds" to "Does Xplodwild like the cha-cha?" Obviously only a few of those are correct (we'll let you pick which ones), but it all boils down to this: The Galaxy Nexus GSM, after Google stated they would not be releasing official Android 4.4 for the Maguro, still remains one of the more sought-after devices for aftermarket firmware. And we have been listening.

One of the biggest roadblocks to bringing up the Maguro involves Texas Instruments no longer supporting the device. Another has been that we dislike bringing a device up when we don't have someone that can manage and test the device, i.e. we do not do blind builds. The core team has been pressed for time as we have been managing a large number of devices (45!), so as with all other devices being requested we encourage you to join in and get involved.

All of that changed for the Maguro when community member Jiangyi stepped forward to help us bring up the device. After a few days of testing and such, the Galaxy Nexus GSM can finally be added to our list of Supported Devices. Special thanks go out to Grarak who helped kickstart the process to get the ball rolling.