OmniROM 2013 Year in Review

A lot has happened in the few, short months that Omni has been public and we thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the last 3 months and to look to the future. After going public the middle of October with a presentation by XpLoDWilD at the BABBQ 13, we have had contributions from over 90 contributors, deployed over 30 nightly builds, brought some new, open source features to the Android community for all to use, and deployed OpenDelta - all in just over 3 months. Whew!

Since Oct 13, 2013 we have seen over 656K unique visitors check out our website, Wiki, and Gerrit instances. That is really just phenomenal for a new project like this, and we thank the community for embracing another option in the Android open source world.

Our focus has been, and will remain, on our core goals of improvement. With that being said, it is interesting to see which devices are getting the most interest in the community. The below table displays the cumulative nightly downloads for each device since we began offering nightly builds, and is in no way indicative of number of users or actual installs:


We are excited for all that 2014 holds, and so we thought we would give you a little taste of what is in store, in no particular order:

Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped to make Omni what it is, and here's to 2014.