Track Patches to OmniROM

When operating any development project it is important to keep track of the changes you make so that those who wish to use your project can also keep track and decide if they want to install the update. Some people like to blindly install updates, but many more prefer to know exactly what it is that the developer did and decide whether or not they want to be on the bleeding edge. Once again it's about choice and control. The best way for a developer to do this is to provide what's called a changelog.

This is definitely important for projects like Omni which are churning out new updates, patches, fixes and features on a daily basis. For those users who like to flash nightlies, a changelog can come in handy in determining if the latest build runs the chance of blowing up or further enhancing their experience. Now thanks to the BBQDroid Team you can track changes to Omni on our Changelog.

When you first open you'll see all of the patches queued up for the next nightly build, with the option to narrow it down to device via selections in the top right or by date in the header at the top. You also are able to select the specific patch and see the link to the specific Gerrit or Github change. Thanks again to the BBQDroid Team for their hard work in getting this up and going for us!