Omni SSL Certificate Expiry

Update: New certificates rolled out successfully.

SHA-256 Fingerprint:
17 E9 8E 0B 55 EC B8 44 89 1E AE C0 28 6F 6F ED 3A EE CB 02 0D 70 D7 93 BF B8 A1 B7 A0 D5 28 7E

The OmniROM SSL certificate is in the process of being renewed at present. The certificate for Gerrit will currently be showing as expired. We are in the process of renewing it at present. Until then, the following certificate details are valid and correct for Gerrit, which is the main service that will be noticed to have a certificate issue:

SHA1 fingerprint: 03:34:61:BF:6E:EE:0C:1B:7E:B9:D9:F7:89:30:03:F2:69:99:E8:5B

SHA256 fingerprint: 0E:79:C3:AC:82:4C:64:E6:0D:EA:0E:E5:20:B0:73:C9:C8:35:72:77:B1:B5:E4:78:F9:B7:C7:BE:9B:CF:20:FC

It is safe to continue to accept this certificate in your browser for the next day or so while we renew it.