Welcome to our new website and blog

In case you haven't noticed, or you've newly found Omni, our website and blog has taken on a new look and feel. After four years, FOUR YEARS!!!, we felt it was time to breathe a little bit more life into the project. We've been working on this new design, both the blog and website, for the past 7 months, off and on as we all have real lives and jobs, and we're glad to finally bring it out into the open.

This new look and feel is due in large part to a few of the people listed below:

Without their tireless efforts and ideas and commitment we wouldn't have this to share with the community. What this also means, is we are now open-sourcing our website and blog for the community to participate in. If you want to submit a change, fork the website, make those changes, submit a pull request - it's that simple. Want to write an article for the blog? Follow the same process.

We look forward to working more closely with everyone in the community and welcome your thoughts. Here's to an exciting future with OmniROM!